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to be a picture perfect summer. pop-tarts®. made for fun™. >>> replacing a legend in the u.s. senate. west virginia governor joe man shin is calling for a special election to fill robert byrd's senate seat and the governor says he is considering running for it himself. he is waiting for an opinion from the state's attorney general on whether the election can be held this year instead of 2012. >>> it is like the cold war all over again i'm possible deal between russia and the united states to swap spies. neither the russian nor u.s. governments are confirming the deal but it could reportedly happen sometime in the next day or so. the united states arrested ten russian spies earlier this month and russia is holding several u.s. spies. fox's david lee miller shows us one of the spies that russia wants to trade. >> reporter: most americans never heard igor sutyagin but now he could play a key role. fox news is told he could be released as part of a prisoner swap involving at excused spies arrested last month in the u.s. the attorney says he could be flown to the uk as soon as tomorrow. all of
powell is in kandahar. >> reporter: the u.s. military has launched a full scale search and rescue operation to find these two missing u.s. service members. they are searching the area where they were last seen by air with helicopters and planes and on the ground. now, according to u.s. military officials, the two members that are -- of the military that are missing are members of the united states navy. sailors were last seen leaving a base in kabul sometime friday afternoon in an armored vehicle. it is not clear whether or not they were on an official mission or if they just happened to leave the base for some other reason. the military is not saying why they actually did leave. now, afghan government officials just south of kabul says there is a brief fire fight between this vehicle and the taliban and that the taliban ultimately captured these two individuals. the u.s. military has yet to officially confirm that but the military has been searching that area where the armored vehicle was last seen. the military says they are wasting no effort and time trying to find these two in
byrd today. his body will lie in the u.s. senate chambers before a memorial service tomorrow. >>> there is fall out on the mess on the commuter rail. first a breakdown and then a misstop. now, the state and amtrak are vowing to make things right. >> reporter: it is not every day the people who ride the train get to talk to the people who run the train system. they spent the afternoon listening to conserved passengers. >> failure and continual delays and continual problems. >> reporter: this comes in a troubling period for trains. >> i just had sun light pouring in. it was getting more and more about fumertable. >> reporter: and then just yesterday, another train hit missed a sentualed stop. they are saying that among all of the breakdowns, misstops and other problems, communication is the biggest issue. >> they want somebody to talk to them. a human being telling them what is going on. how long it is going to take. how fast they can get home or to their jobs. that is far and away the number one issue. >>> there is a live look this morning at the washington momentt. it is thur
says now the fight is for our children's future because one in three kids in the u.s. are obese nearly half of african-american kids will develop diabetes in their lifetime. >> this issue isn't about how our kids look, it's not about that. it's about how our kids feel. it's about their health. >> let's move initiative is working on better labeling and nutrition information and healthy food and schools and low income neighborhoods. >> 23.5 million americans including 6.5 million children live in what we call food deserts, areas without a single supermarket. >> and she's encouraging daily activity like walking to school like she did on those cold days in chicago. >> no shoes on our feet, it was hard, but we walked. >> one family in the crowd said obama's message encourages them to make changes. >> eat healthier, letting all the sugar go. >> our children are the future, if they're not eating right, we're going to have a lot of problems, especially for the health care bill. >> reporter: obama says the naacp has fought to improve the lives of future generation and fighting childhood obesity
indicate pakistani intelligence officials are turning against their u.s. ally and cooperating can taliban extremists. >> this is like the british working with the nazis leaking information to them about what we are agoing to do in normandy. >> reporter: afghan officials say they are studying the paper but so far don't believe the information appears new. wikileaks found are says there is likely more to come. his group is reviewing another 15,000 secret documents for possible rehees. >> they claim to be going through these documents to render judgment about whether or not anything inside could harm u.s. forces but what is their expertise when it comes to making those judgements? >> reporter: pentagon officials say they are investigating the source of the document leak to try to figure out if it's new perpetrator or someone they are already aware of. jennifer tayse, fox news. >> thank you. >>> an american is now considered the odds on favorite to succeed tony hayward as chief executive of bp. according to a person familiar with the matter, hayward will step down in october and will be offer
home state west virginia. he lay in repose in the u.s. senate chamber. his body was then flown to charleston where people have been coming to see his body throughout the night. he served in congress for 51 years longer than any other u.s. lawmaker in history. >>> a beautiful start to this friday. a reminder we're going to be out live this morning at least starting at 6:00 for our hometown friday kick off. >> cool, i can't wait. >> i know, it's going to be nice and chilly. >> we're going -- it is cool out there. temperatures are in the mid 50s. holly told us that yesterday. she said it's not at a time's not that cold out, when you compare it, it's cool out there. the temperatures running in the 50s, everyone 60s here in town -- even 60s in town. >> 81 degrees. we had over night lows in the 80s. marshall 81. one more day with very nice weather. that weather will be day. it will be absolutely beautiful. with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 80s. tomorrow not bad but certainly will get hot around here by 4th of july. and then early next week we're off to the races again. >>
, it just puts your life on hold. you can't go nowhere, you stay here. >> even though he is cleared by u.s. officials, he is now facing the smaller matter of the hotel bill he racked up while waiting to be allowed to fly home. he now owes the government nearly $1,500 won't get a replacement passport until he settles that bill. >>> is homeland security too big to be effective? coming up next, details of an investigation that uncovered questions about the intelligence community. >>> and actress lindsay lohan is set to turn herself in today. there is a big question. who is going to represent her? we'll tell you why she needs another lawyer. how was school today? [ girls ] good. ♪ ♪ thank you! ♪ phew! [ ernie ] we make our cookies the way only keebler elves can: with a little something extra. so every bite can be uncommonly good. >>> a major show of security at the conference on the future of afghanistan. secretary of of state hillary clinton is in kabul for the event. president hamid karzai reaffirmed his commitment for afghan police and soldiers to take control of the country by 2014.
u.s. service members were sworn in as american citizens. -- more than 200 u.s. service members were sworn in as american citizens. >>> general david petraeus has taken command in the wake of general stanley mcchrystal's unexpected departure. >> reporter: general david petraeus officially assumes the spot as the top commander of coalition forces in the war in afghanistan. he says nato and afghan officials must work together to defeat a stiffen my. >> we must demonstrate to the people and to the taliban that afghan and isap forces are here to safeguard the afghan people and we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. >> reporter: petraeus will not make major strategy changes and praised his predecessor, general stanley mcchrystal, who was fired after making unflattering comments about the obama administration in a rolling stone magazine. >> no one did more in helping get the inputs right than general mcchrystal. >> reporter: washington lawmakers continued to depeat president obama's call for troop withdrawals in july of 2011. senator joe lieberman, the independent from connect
watching the u.s. soccer came games. as least one american is dead. it is believed a group linked to al-qaida may be linked to the attack. >> some of the other stories we arele following. a 10-year-old boy is in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle. the driver that hit him did stay at the scene near reservoir road. the boy was taken to the hospital where he is said to be in grave condition. >>> a deadly house fire. broke out on w street, southeast saturday night, killing 84-year-old ruby harris and her 51-year-old daughter, delorer s. 100 firefighters put out the flames. authority say the house did not have any working smoke detectors. >> day 84 in the gulf oil spill, bp is putting a new cap on the well. it will be several more days before they know if it's working to capacity. >> in sports, rookies wizards john wall made his debut in a summer league game. wizards won 84-79. >> in baseball, entering the all-star break -- mid-summer classic is part of the busy week ahead. a quick rundown. >> reporter: tuesday, mainly league baseball stars will face off at angels stadium in
and a former u.s. marine. that announcement will be made at murphy's headquarters in crofton, maryland. >>> campaign signs are popping up in yards but some home owners claim they never asked to show their support. karen gray houston has this story. >> reporter: the signs are popping up everywhere, peppering landscape in adrian fenty's homeward, ward four. by the time you bother to shut a sign in your yard, you have strong feelings about the candidates. this household with the sign for gray and fenty makes a powerful statement. military road. neighbors say the signs and the couple would live here coexist peacefully. along the georgia avenue corridor, michael lloyd told us why he put a vincent gray sign in his front yard on seventh street. >> this time, i'm going for gray because the needs change. >> reporter: he made a donation to the gray camp. they sent him a sign. around the corner, sharon davis has a fenty sign out front. >> the sign was placed in our yard without our consent. somebody placed the sign in our yard. >> you didn't ask if that sign. >> no. >> they put the sign up on the
as a responsible, stewed unions u.s.s. -- studious man who was working very hard. >>> an american accused of relee is this video is facing serious charge this is morning. a reuters news employee was among those killed. army specialist bradley manning is charged with mishandling and leaking classified data and putting national security at risk. he faces a maximum of 52 years in prison if he is convicted. >>> he is accused of robbing two pnc banks within an hour. police say the crime spree end wade high-speed chase and the alleged bank robber being shot. sherry ly picks up the story. >> reporter: about the only thupg that ever goes through these corn fields are tractors and deer. then chris bettes saw the red toyota corolla racing through the rows of corn, police in hot pursuit. >> i see a red car coming out of my corn about 60 miles per hour and i'm like what the heck is that? >> reporter: inside the car, main police believed had just robbed two banks. first one, a pnc book in germantown. then police got another call, this time a pnc in downtown damascus. surveil action photos at both banks were a
be like if it were shorter than a flight to new york. the u.s. military is testing new technology that might make that a possibility. anita vogel has the details. >> reporter: it is being called the most exciting milestone in aviation since jets replace propellers. the x-51 experimental hyper sonic aircraft can travel at five times the speed of sound thanks to technology that allows it to use oxygen in the atmosphere to burn fuel rather than carrying massive oxygen tanks. >> the ultimate vision is access is sees to space, taking payload into space ate much more affordable cost. in this test flight, the x-51 traveled 170 miles in 200 seconds opening the door to all sorts of military and commercial applications. >> that would get from you l.a. to new york in about 44 minutes if you could ply that duration. >> reporter: without the need to carry its own oxygen, this so-called scram jet engine can go faster. >> we're looking out the window and we see nothing. out of nowhere, this rocket just screams by with a really bright plume. >> we saw the vehicle quickly accelerated. that told us
obesity is a epidemic in the u.s., keeping instant recess is good nor health and business. >> if we can keep employees safer and hemmier, the bottom line makes all kinds of sense. >> reporter: employees say it's good for your heart. >> puts everyone in a good mood. you forget about what you were working on. >> reporter: employees say since it started they are craving exercise even when they are not at work. some say you have to spend more time figuring out what shows to wear to work. >> maybe we can get that started here at fox 5. weather traffic and top story, fox 5 morning news at 5:30 starts now. >>> good morning to yo u live look over the nation's capital. friday morning july 16th, 2010. good morning i'm allison seymour. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. welcome >> extra early start to the day. get a heat advisory at 11:00. air temperatures mid to upper 90s and mix in the humidity, over 100. you definitely take it easy out there. we have been through this several times already. >> we are pros. >> we got this down. heat advisory all the counties in orange. district, baltimore, clos
just have to return it within 24 hours. >>> u.s. airlines are being order to inspect more than 100 boeing 767 airliners more often than previously required. the faa wants airlines to look for cracks that may cause the engines to fall off. the problem came to light last month when american airlines found cracks in at least two planes during normal maintenance. >>> a new reason for men to enjoy their morning cup of coffee. new research shows male java lovers are no more likely to develop prostate cannes he than other men. previous studies found a link between regular coffee consumption and some cancers. >>> people over 40 who have been overweight their entire lives are more likely to face problems than people who have gained weight gradually. >>> headaches can be painful. sometime they can be debilitating. now, a tiny device is giving people relief. fox's richard lima shows us. >> reporter: elaine's headache pain made her life miserable. >> either the pain would generate up or yen rate down. >> reporter: sometimes, it would be so bad, she would have to go to the emergency room. >> be
place for presidents and generals. now, a u.s. senator says the number of grave mix-ups at articling nonnational cemetery could be in the thousands. senators demanding the leadership demanding to know what weptd wrong. before a report. >> reporter: at the nation's resting place for presidents an fallen heroes, tombstones have been found under water and poking through nod in a creek bed. an investigation has uncovered missing and mislabeled headstones an remains that are lost and buried in the wrong plot. lawmaker say this is appalling and needs to be made right. at a conservative estimate, 4900 to 6600 graphs may be up marked, improperly marked or mismarked on the cemetery map. >> reporter: the senate subcommittee investigating the scandal subpoenaed the two officials who were in charge of arlington national cemetery for nearly 0 years. the former superintendent apologized to veterans families and said the mismanagement wasn't intentional but the work was complex and unceasing. >> personally, it pains mae that our team at arlington did not perform all aspects of is it's mission to t
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